What Is LSCC?

Lake Sharon Community Church is a community of faith that has been serving together for approximately six years. God has provided us nineteen acres of property for future development and a host of strong leaders. We are a church family supported soley by God's financial provision through the faithful generosity of His people. We have chosen to partner with Southern Baptist organizations to fufill our global mission responsibilities. Check out the sections below for a brief snap shot of our Community of Faith.


We are a community of people united by our faith in God, led by the inspired word of God, empowered by the Spirit of God and driven by our love for God and others. This church family was established in December 2010 and had its first corporate worship on January 9, 2011. We are serious about building relationships and community to fulfill the Great Commission of making disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20).


Our faith community is in the disciple making business. We partner together in encouraging and equipping every disciple to be a disciple maker wherever God leads them. We are committed to building relationships where followers of Christ can thrive and have the time needed to invest in quality relationships. One of the key components of making disciples is Disciple Making Communities. These smaller communities usually meet in a home on a weekly basis. You might hear them called Home Fellowships or Small Groups. We believe this is an essential part of every individuals spiritual growth and development. 


This disciple making journey is both challenging and rewarding. When Jesus called His disciples He said, "follow Me." These disciples did not only follow Jesus on their designated Sabbath but they remained with Him. Disciple making requires an investment of time and energy. We are challenging every follower of Christ in our church family to invest in at least two disciple making relationships per year. These relationships will help others and us thrive as a devoted disciple of Christ. 

We are a church family committed to keeping things simple yet effective. We are committed to a traditional theology and a dynamic methodology. We are willing to adapt to our unique campus until God leads us to pursue additional development. We labor to build people rather than attendance. At this season in your life you may need a church family with a diverse program base. We are not against these models, we just want you to know where we are spending our resources and focusing our talents to achieve the mission of making disciple makers.